Frequently Asked Questions

  • You decide how you’re going to play, as any card game rules can be used.
  • Stroke of Luck also has 4 “wild card” landing zones that can determined to have any number of “circumstances”
    • True wild cards, like Jokers
    • Hazards like:
      • Out of bounds or in the water
      • Putt again, or “just fold ‘em”
    • Like any game of chance, to score, you must ante up, and then proceed to play on the next card putted/dealt

Stroke of Luck come in two basic versions:

  • An “Executive” mat that measures 3-feet by 9-feet for home or office
  • A “Club” mat that measures 4-feet by 12-feet for resorts, banquets, fundraisers and more
  • City sporting clubs, yacht clubs
  • Sports bars and taverns
  • Sporting entertainment venues like Topgolf® or Dave & Buster’s®
  • Casinos and especially their “pool deck” venues
  • University student unions, and recreation departments
  • Any banquet or convention facility
  • Party departments of rental businesses

Topgolf® and Dave & Buster’s® are registered trademarks of their respective owners; no endorsement or affiliation of Stroke of Luck™ by these or any other third parties is implied.

At typical rental rates Stroke of Luck can pay for itself in as little as 6 weeks

Yes indeed! For a nominal fee, you can have your Club or Organization logo imprinted onto the putting surface.

Logo requirements/conditions

  • Logo must be provided as vector art: .eps or .ai files acceptable (ask your printer or sign supplier if you do not have it)
    • A raster file imported into a vector program is not a vector type file.
    • All fonts within the artwork must be outlined.
  • Logo will be imprinted in BLACK
    • Solid black color only, no grayscale art.
  • For Executive mat (3’ x 9’) maximum logo imprint size is 16” H x 24” W
  • For Club mat (4’ x 12’) maximum logo imprint size is 21” H x 36” W
  • A PDF proof of the mat with logo shown in place will be emailed for approval
  • If modification to logo art is required for reproduction, additional art charges will be incurred
  • 2Skills reserves the right to refuse logo art that will not reproduce effectively or art subjects that may be considered offensive in polite society

Standard Game Includes:

  • Executive (3’x9’) or Club (4’x12’) mat
  • Rugged Smart Carry/Storage Bag
  • Velcro straps
  • Oversize Die
  • Scorecard
  • Rules

Standard Game with Extras Includes:

  • Executive (3’x9’) or Club (4’x12’) mat
  • Rugged Smart Carry/Storage Bag
  • Velcro straps
  • Oversize Die
  • Scorecard
  • Rules


  • Universal L/R Putter
  • Sleeve of Golf Balls
  • Pretty much any playing card game that is dealt
  • Any poker games can be played:
    • 5 Card Draw
    • 7 Card Draw
    • Blackjack/21
    • Texas Hold ‘em